From the Headmaster's Desk

You may have heard that a rather important wedding is taking place in Windsor on Saturday. Respecting our historic traditions, whilst also making progress to move forward, are both important British values.

This week, several well-established School events took place at Lyonsdown: there was an Open Day, an athletics outing and several trips; Year 4 to a synagogue, Year 6 to the Henry Moore Foundation. There were also brand new innovations: the new Eco Board was installed and our first ever maths Numicon lesson was hosted by Mrs Polak and our Maths teachers, providing parents with the chance to learn alongside their children and developing the important partnership between School and home.

I am constantly proud of Lyonsdown, and all of the work the staff and pupils do, but an Open Day is always special. True to form, the School shone, and Year 6 ensured prospective parents were given tours that were both, according to one mother, “informative and amusing.” The hyperbole was widespread: “you have such caring teachers” and “such fab lessons” are two select quotes, but I was particularly proud of a small group of girls who went above and beyond the call of duty, and will be awarded with the first ever Headmaster’s Commendations next week.

There were lots of visitors in school this week; governors, visiting teachers and parents. These groups, combined with the wonderful Lyonsdown pupils and staff, and the work they do, help make our School a busy, vibrant, developing community. As with any school, looking back at what has gone before, with one eye firmly on the future is very much on the Royal family’s mind this week. On behalf of the Lyonsdown School community, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the best for their special day.

Next week is as busy as ever, and I hope you will be as involved as you can in our walk to school week. Whatever you are up to, all the best for a relaxing weekend.

C. Hammond