From the Headmaster's Desk

This week has been rather busy. As I type, Year 3 are taking part in a road safety workshop and at the same time, an aeroplane pilot is talking to Reception. Earlier in the week, Year 5 visited Knebworth House, Year 6 travelled to Barnet Museum and the Upper School Choir took part in the inaugural ISA North London Music Festival. Not wanting to miss out on all the excitement, even I was lucky enough to visit another school.

The pleasant weather (yes, Summer is back) provides an opportunity to make the most of London and the surrounding area. I know from my conversations with the Lyonsdown boys and girls, that they have enjoyed their time away from the classroom. Your son or daughter may be able to tell you about their outdoor learning, and several have told me they were “lucky” to be able to be taught in the garden.

The theme of luck stuck in my head in the middle of the week. As you may know, Liverpool narrowly beat Roma to qualify for some major football match or other. I was not particularly nervous about the game, until I realised my mother had washed a certain lucky circa 1997 scarf. It is unlikely (though not impossible) that this was the reason for the close nature of the game; actually caused by a lack of concentration and physical tiredness. It is human nature to explain uncertainty through superstition: we are “unlucky” not to score a goal, we wish children “good luck” before exams. In reality, children and adults alike know that working hard and trying our best is the best way to prepare for any big event, be it a speech, a test or a sports match. This is why effort is valued so highly at Lyonsdown: as they say, we make our own luck.

I very much hope to see as many of you as possible at our Digital Parenting Parent Talk on Tuesday 8th May. If you have not already registered your interest please reply to the letter or contact the School Office . I look forward to seeing you for a 7pm start on Tuesday 8th May.

And so, to the bank holiday weekend. Enjoy.

C. Hammond