From the Headmaster’s Desk – 28 MARCH 2018

An amazing array of decorated bonnets, chocolate eggs and a palpable sense of excitement in the air… it can only be the final half-week of the Easter Term at Lyonsdown School.

The last day of term proved to be particularly eventful and, despite the weather, the FLS Easter egg hunt, raffle and bonnet parade all migrated to great success inside. The Easter bonnet parade was especially exciting, with a huge range of designs on show. To demonstrate the respect each pupil at Lyonsdown has for their peers, the whole School
spontaneously fell silent to appreciate each class in turn before rapturous applause erupted.

Music took centre stage again on Monday at St John’s. The whole Upper School were involved, and both pupils and staff worked hard to ensure the event was a success. Special thanks to Mrs Roberts for masterminding the whole affair – from Gustav Holst (children, ask your parents), through Take That to Stormzy (parents, ask your children), a variety of music was performed to a wonderful standard. For those who attended the event, Ellie Goulding has won two BRIT awards.

Talking of awarding something very British: democracy has been in full force on Richmond Road. This week every child was given the opportunity to vote, by secret ballot, for the name of the Lyonsdown lion. The boys and girls learnt about the systems and processes of voting that support the British democratic system, including the rules of a secret ballot and how the counting process works. Some now even know what a ballotage, or runoff vote is. Please do ask your son or daughter about their experience of voting for further details and a lively discussion!

Easter is a time to celebrate with friends, family and religious community, and I hope that every one of our Lyonsdown families gets the opportunity to do exactly that over the coming days and weeks. In my assembly on Wednesday, other suggestions of what might happen during the holiday included various foreign adventures and exciting activities in the UK. However “sleep” and “read and engage with the news” were particularly popular answers. Easter is also a chance to reflect on what has gone before, to think about those parts of life that have gone well and also what we would do differently if we had our time again. Of course, the past is the past but I know that all Lyonsdown pupils have learnt a great deal since January and are looking forward to the Summer Term as much as I am.

All the best for a relaxing break. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 18th April.

C. Hammond