From the Headmaster's Desk

As I packed my schoolbag on Sunday evening, I took greater care than usual. Questions flew through my head: did I have enough ink cartridges? Had I remembered my reading book? After tea, there was a mad scramble as I rustled together some PE kit. My uniform was the only thing lacking, but Mrs Cowie had constructed a (very) senior version of a Lower School boy’s tie for the newest member of Year 6 – Mr Hammond.

Being an embedded reporter of sorts and spending the entire day with our most senior girls was an amazing and educational experience. I politely stood when teachers addressed the class, I presented my writing neatly, I tried my hardest in all of my subjects. In summary, I did what any other Lyonsdown pupil would do – I worked hard and did my best. To prove just how kind (and diplomatic) Year 6 are, they guided me when I needed it most: “Mr Hammond, Mrs Polak prefers it when we show our workings.” Cue rubbing out and inclusion of said calculations. In Music, we sang (I lowered the tone, in octaves) and played djembe, drums and at lunch I discussed hobbies. Science was the final lesson of the day, as we constructed circuits, tested resistance in materials and made some fantastic findings: for example, some ear-rings (removed from the owner’s earlobes) do conduct in a circuit. A big thank you to Year 6 for letting me join their class for a day… I am sure Year 5 will welcome me as warmly in the Summer Term.

If Monday gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn more about being a pupil at Lyonsdown, Tuesday’s Open Day gave the pupils the chance to demonstrate the very best of the School. There is always so much praise at these events, it would be easy to forget how much hard work goes into the preparations for receiving such a large number of parents, toddlers and babies. It will come as no surprise that the trust we put in the Lyonsdown boys and girls was repaid in full, and my heart always swells with pride when visitors compliment our pupils: they are the focus of the School on any day, and rightly so.

With the snow a distant memory and Spring finally bringing us new growth, my mind turns to the latest communication development at Lyonsdown. I mentioned Facebook last week and, as I type, Mrs Jenks sits poised over the launch button. By the time you read this, the School’s site will be live for you to engage with.

All the best for a relaxing weekend. I am off to revise which horse won the Grand National, which actresses took home an Academy Award and the definition of nephrology in preparation for the Friends of Lyonsdown Quiz tomorrow. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

C. Hammond