From the Headmaster's Desk

On Friday, following 2P’s excellent assembly, I invited several Year 6 girls to speak to the whole School. This is not a particularly unusual occurrence; we trust our senior girls to give notices and listened to details of baking and Drama competitions. What did cause excitement was that the boys and girls of Lyonsdown had received some post. The card was addressed to our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl, who proudly read out a message of thanks from Ms Morley, our Chair of Governors. To see the connection between pupils, teachers and governors is always satisfying, and demonstrates the importance of community at Lyonsdown.

Another section of our community had their very own event this week: following our 7+ boys’ transfer talk last week, we invited Year 5 parents to hear more detail on how Lyonsdown will prepare the girls for their 11+ exams in Year 6. Parents also had the opportunity to meet with the Heads and Registrars from a broad range of Secondary Schools. It was particularly pleasing to meet with some old Lyonsdown pupils, all of whom demonstrated the confidence and skill that we have come to expect from our pupils as they continue to learn: “she’s a star” and “we’re so impressed” were two comments about our old girls that made this Headmaster proud.

As well as large-scaled events such as these, we also continue to connect with a range of schools, to share best practice and showcase the quality of teaching, learning and pastoral care at Lyonsdown. This week, both State and independent schools have accepted invitations to visit us and I look forward to meeting fellow professionals throughout the year. One visitor this week commented on how smart the boys and girls were and was very impressed by their eloquence and confidence.

It is on he subject of confidence that I close. As you know, independence is one of our Lyonsdown Learning habits and, if you daughter is in Years 5 or 6, they may have told you about the trial they are conducting. Next week, if the double gate is open at morning drop-off, the girls are encouraged to say farewell to their parents as they enter and walk to the playground themselves. We trust that, by providing opportunities such as this for small acts of independence, the confidence of our pupils will continue to increase.

All the best for the weekend.
C. Hammond