From the Headmaster's Desk

Responsibility is an important part of being a pupil at Lyonsdown School. Guided by their teachers, all of our pupils are responsible for their behaviour and learning. I opened this week with an assembly on role models, to emphasise the impact that any individual can have on their peers or younger children. To take Year 6 as an example, gate duty, roles within School and behaviour at break and lunch are all visible examples of the qualities our children bring to Lyonsdown.

Talking of inspiration, this week has seen two new activities at Lyonsdown. Mrs Young’s Country Dancing Club started this week. Sixteen enthusiastic dancers swung and promenaded their way through the Circassian Circle and Galopede. A great (and puffed out) time was enjoyed by all. Year 6 have been making good use of the School Garden and, inspired by the Second World War and Mrs Windsor’s History lessons, they have planted potatoes, cabbage, carrots and kale in a Dig for Victory garden. On the IT front, our latest school animations are now on You Tube. These are superb cross-curricular collaborative projects that show the creative powers of our pupils. The current channel can be found here

I have been lucky enough to speak to a huge variety of schools this week about Lyonsdown. On Monday, we welcomed the Executive Head of Mount House and I visited Queenswood to meet their Headmistress, Jo Cameron. I am sure it will come as no surprise that both Heads were impressed by the character and ability of all of our pupils, and are excited about meeting them again in the future.

Later on in the week, I attended the annual IAPS Conference. Now in its 125th year, IAPS draws schools together, advancing educational interests and communicating these interests to other educational bodies. The title of the Conference was “leading aspirational and inspirational schools,” a theme that harmonises with what Lyonsdown offers its pupils. Our new membership of IAPS, will allow Lyonsdown to exchange ideas and best practice with a broad range of schools as we continue to move forward. A superb range of speakers, including Dr Harvey Lewis and Dr Barry Hymer, lectured on a range of topics, including the development of technology, how certain skills will prevent a “rise of the machines” and how to foster a passion for learning. It is hugely important to have pupils at the centre of all we do. As I always tell prospective parents, we want our boys and girls to be have a growth mindset, to persevere and be durable in learning, and in life. These “learning habits” are important at Lyonsdown, and I hope to have exciting news on this topic for you by half-term.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay thanks to the Friends of Lyonsdown School and, in particular Mrs Carlos and Ms Wiltshire, for their amazing work over the past few weeks. Holding second-hand uniform sales, an AGM and the annual Macmillan coffee morning, which I believe may have also involved cake, is no mean feat. Their contribution to school life is incredibly valuable, enriching the Lyonsdown community.

Next week sees grandparents’ week in Reception and a variety of netball matches. We also welcome prospective parents to our Open Day on Tuesday 3rd October, and am looking forward to showing off all that we do at Lyonsdown. Enjoy the weekend.

C. Hammond