ISA Art Competition News Nov 2016

ISA Art Competition News

Regional Competition Results

Artwork created by several Lyonsdown pupils from across the year groups won many prizes at the annual regional art competition held by the Independent School Association in October. I am very pleased to announce the following set of results.

1st Place:

Art 2D Individual EYFS: Amelia (1T) – ‘Starry Night’ Painting.

Art 2D Individual KS1: James (2F) – ‘Owl’ Painting.

Art 2D Group KS1: Year 2 – ‘The Great Wave’.

Textiles Individual KS2: Prisha (Yr 6) – Weaving.

Fashion EYFS KS2: Year 6 – Lace Dress.

Photography KS2: Elenie (Yr 5) – ‘Swirling Sea’.

2nd Place:

Art 2D Individual KS2: Emilia (RD) – Self Portrait.

Textiles Individual KS2: Talia (Yr 6) – Weaving.

Sketchbook EYFS – KS2: Talia (Yr 6) – Year 5 Sketchbook.

Drawing EYFS & KS1: Rohan (2P) – Drawing of Scissors.

Highly Commended:

Art 2D Individual KS1: Lydia (2P) – ‘Monet’s Garden’.

Art 2D Group KS2: Yr 5 – Sophia R, Sophia G, Jessica R, Jessica Y, Gracie & Riya – ‘Picasso’s Ladies’.

Art 3D Individual KS2: Emily (Yr 6) – ‘My Family’ Sculpture.

Sketchbook EYFS – KS2: Sophia G (Yr 5) – Year 4 Sketchbook.

Photography EYFS – KS2: Gracie (Yr 5) – ‘Fern’.

National Art Competition Results:

The Winners of each category in the regional competition were then entered into the ISA national art competition in November.

Congratulations to Elenie (Yr 5) for her splendid photograph ‘Swirling Sea’ which won 1st prize in the photography category. I am also very proud that four runner up prizes were awarded to: James (2P) for his mixed media ‘Owl’ painting, Amelia (1T) for her painting ‘Starry Night’, Year 6 for their collaborative ‘Lace Dress’ and Year 2 classes for a group painting ‘The Great Wave’.

Well done to all of you!

Reported by Mrs Cowie.

Art Co-ordinator.