Lyonsdown Lower School Spring Concert

Shortly after the first day of spring, it was time for the annual Lyonsdown Lower School celebration. The theme of the concert was nursery rhymes, but not as you would recognise them. We had a bandaged Humpty Dumpty, a rap version of Jack and Jill and not forgetting, a version of Mary had a Little Lamb, in which the lamb was nowhere to be seen.

It took place in a courtroom with the notorious Judge Hicks and a jury full of nursery rhyme characters. Through song and dance, the story unravelled and it was discovered that it was Jack Horner who was responsible for Humpty Dumpty’s fall—but it was an accident!

The children worked so hard to make it a fun and memorable performance and I’m sure we can all agree that they did a fantastic job. We hope that you had as much fun watching it as we did producing it!