Lyonsdown debates child actors and Internet education

Melina was one of 3 pupils to represent Lyonsdown School in its first ever debating competition. Lyonsdown is incredibly proud to have attended, and is pleased with the judge’s feedback which stated that our team was one of the better ones in the competition overall, and presented very logical and clear points. Melina has written of her experience and impressions of the day:

Melina, Ella, and Honor – our first debate team  Lyonsdown

On Tuesday the 25th February,  Ella, Honor and I had the opportunity to debate competitively at Haileybury School. It was the first time Lyonsdown had ever taken part in a debating competition. We went up against two schools: Ashfold and Holmwood House (although there were many schools there.) Our motions were that: “Child actors should be banned”, (for which we were on the proposition side), and: “Because of the internet, children are now better educated than their parents” – for which we argued against.

We had had three weeks to prepare these debates. We did it during our lunch times and also had time to practise over the half term.

When the day of the competition arrived, we left school with Mrs Windsor and travelled to Haileybury in Mrs Maggs-Wellings’ car!

When we arrived at the school, a mock debate was performed by some of the older students. We were then told later that they had only been given the topic that morning! When they had finished their mock debate, it was our turn to debate! As we were walking to our seats, we were all very nervous. It was a lot of pressure for Ella, who was the first person to speak – not just for our team, but in the first debate of the whole competition.

After our debate, another team presented and then there was a break. We came back to our room and then a few more teams presented their arguments. When they had finished, it was time for lunch; we all agreed that it was a delicious meal.

In the afternoon, all of the schools went back to our room where the winners were announced. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but Mrs Windsor said we had made her proud. Surprisingly, it was time to leave. We arrived back to school in time for tennis and netball.

I think we did very well, and it was an amazing experience. I am so glad we were able to go; I shall remember that day for the rest of my life!