5JP go to Tennis at Queenswood

It was just before lunch when, dressed in our Lyonsdown PE kits, we lined up at the front door in pairs with our lunches, ready for our afternoon of tennis at Queenswood School. I felt excited because I didn’t really know what Queenswood was like and I was looking forward to finding out!

When we first got there we sat on some large steps with lots of other schools and we ate our yummy lunch.

We were all put in colour-coded groups and started with a warm-up. After tha, we practiced our throwing skills.

We played a game where we all had tennis rackets and bounced up our balls and the person who didn’t drop theirs was the winner.

Our leader was a Year 9 girls who had got into the school with a sport scholarship. She was an amazing leader and a brilliant tennis player.

We next were put into pairs, one person on either side of the net, one person from each pair had to put down their racket and throw to the person with a racket, they then had to hit it back, after a short time we swapped over.

We also played matches with another team.

After lunch we all went off into our different groups and played some fun tennis games. We were supervised by some of the older Queenswood girls, they were friendly, fun and welcoming.