On Monday Mr Speroni gave all the classes a butterfly farm. I felt extremely excited because I wanted to see how caterpillars transform into butterflies. The caterpillars came in a little pot and there were five little furry, black caterpillars. They were 1cm.On Tuesday the caterpillars had grown over night and were now 2cm! On Thursday the caterpillars were 4 cm. They were longer and had more detail on their bodies.
By Maryam

Mr Speroni bought five caterpillars for us. They were one cm long. On Tuesday the caterpillars grew longer and fatter. On Thursday they were 4cm long. They will soon be forming their chysils and their spikes have turned white.
After the weekend, I woke up very early because I wanted to see the caterpillars. When I got into school, I rushed over to see the caterpillars and guess what, they are chrysalis! The chrysalis are brown with yellow spike and gold bits. I am really excited because they will turn into painted lady butterflies very soon!
By Emily 2T

Many thanks to the Speroni Family for the kits!