2013 Summer News Letter – Year 4 Trip To Queenswood School

Year 4 Queenswood School Trip

This term, Year 4 had a wonderful afternoon at Queenswood School to watch their summer production: “Treasure Island”. We all agreed that is was fantastic performance with wonderful singing and lots of very funny comedy. We all hope that they will invite us again next year!

We have also been to visit the Cutty Sark at Greenwich this term. This was another great day out. We were lucky enough to have lovely weather and a lovely young guide named Annie showed us all around and made it great fun with lots of activities and even a game! We were also able to have a nice picnic right beside the River Thames. Many thanks to Mrs Bryons who came with us and helped.

Finally Y4 are very proud to be the first class at Lyonsdown to have raised money for the raffle prizes in the Summer Fayre this year. The students made and launched indoor rockets and measured the distance they managed to cover. All the other students supported the activity by trying to guess how far the best rocket would go and paying £2 for each guess. We are delighted to report that £200 was raised …so we can look forward to some cool raffle prizes.

Waiting to Launch




Launching The Rocket