2013 Summer News Letter – Year 2 Trips

Year 2 Barnet Prep School Trip to Saint Alban’s Cathedral

The Cathedral is a cross shape from above and I was chosen to lie on the ground to show the shape of the building. I noticed a stained glass window given to the Cathedral by Saint Columbus School.
Cameron 2P


When we went to the Cathedral and were shown a very high ceiling that made me feel dizzy! When I looked up there was a big stained glass window that told the story of Jesus. – Nicole 2P I learnt that stained glass windows show stories from the bible. I think

they are magnificent and colourful! – Amberley 2P
Saint Alban’s swapped his clothes with the priest. This is because Saint Alban did not want the priest to die. – Talia 2P
I enjoyed lighting a candle, it was amazing. We also ate bread and chocolate eggs, that was the best! Taylor-Rae 2P
I dressed up as a bishop. – Mao 2P



Year 2 Barnet Prep School Trip To Denis Bland Environmental Centre

On the 19th June, 2T and 2P went on a school trip to the Denis Bland Centre. We went on a mini beast hunt and I found a centipede. We also went pond dipping and I found a mayfly nymph. It was really good fun. I did not like the algae because it looked like goo.

By Amisha 2T

My class went to the Denis Bland Centre and I felt very excited. We went on a mini beast hunt and pond dipping. When I was pond dipping, I found a water beetle. They were black. I was really scared at first because I was worried that I would fall in. But I diddn’t fall it and it was great fun.
By Martha 2T