Walk to School Week

The walk to school week proved very successful. The ‘Travel Chicken’ was very impressed by the efforts made by both pupils and parents to walk to school, that he made a number of personal appearances throughout the week. The children enjoyed getting involved and receiving a certificate at the end of the week, in recognition of their efforts. Let’s keep up the good work throughout the year, in accordance with our travel plan.
It would be appreciated if all parents used the one way system suggested in the Parent Pupil Handbook around Richmond Road so that congestion is avoided.


Uniform Supplier

I am pleased to inform you that you can now order uniform on line via the uniform suppliers newly updated website.  By logging on you will be re-directed to Uniform4Kids.com, the company that now runs Howard Brothers and Pullens.  All orders made on line will continue to be delivered to the school each Thursday.


Injury Notification – Health & Safety

If you child is injured, they will be sent an injury letter. To help keep accurate records in the Welfare Office Mrs Miveld and Miss Hook would appreciate parents completing and returning to school the slip at the bottom of this letter.
Thank you!


School Gates

As you know we have had some new metal gates installed at the front of the school, which we are very pleased with. Would we ask that parents please make sure they are kept shut when entering or leaving the school premises. We have asked the children not to use the larger gated entrance at any time due to the parked cars. Thank you!


Illness Notification and Absence

If your child is going to be off school due to illness, would you please contact the school first thing in the morning to let the office know. Also, if your child is unavoidably late coming into school, they MUST be signed in at the office. These measures are in place to safeguard your children.
All requests for absence must be sent directly to Mrs Maggs-Wellings, preferably by email and in good time, and she will do her best to reply as soon as possible – headmistress@lyonsdownschool.co.uk

Thank you for your support!



There is a significant amount of unclaimed lost property currently in school.  To try and reunite items with their owners there will be a display in the foyer on the mornings of Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July.  Any uniform left after this will be donated to the FLS second hand uniform stock.


Reception visit Chipping Barnet Library

“I like the library because I like the books in the library. I like the book about the rabbit in the snow.” Rhea RG

“We looked at the books. The monkey story was very funny. There were pictures of animals.” Sophia RG

“I liked to read some books. I looked at the world and ‘Hiding Jack’. Also I looked at dolphins and sharks in the sea.” Alexandro RG

Reception visit Waitrose

“I went in the freezer at Waitrose.” Poppy RD

“It was freezing in the freezer at Waitrose!” Alex RD
“I enjoyed tasting the fruit.” Leyla RD


French Cafe

Vendredi dernier, J’ai organisé un café français dans la bibliothèque avec l’aide des élèves de l’année 6. Leurs parents et grand-parents étaient conviés, ainsi que le personel de l’école. Les filles étaient très excitées l’idée de vendre, acheter et servir les pâtisseries en français pour les invités. Il y avait une ambiance très française ce matin-là à Lyonsdown!!!

Madame Johnston