2013 Summer News Letter – Chilterns Open Air Museum


Yesterday we went to Chiltern Open Air Museum on the coach.  First we went into a barn.  There was a lady inside the barn.  She told us about Victorian times.  We all made rag-rugs.  In Victorian times the rugs were so special they had to put them on the wall.  After that we had a little snack.  Then we went into a farmyard and on the tables were bricks.  Before that Cathy showed us two bricks but they were different colours.  That was because one was near the fire and one wasn’t.  Then we began to make our bricks. We had to stuff the clay into the mould.  Then we had to bang the header and the stretcher on the table and then the clay came out of the mould.  My hands got very messy but I liked it very much.  After the brick making we went inside and ate our lunch.  I had a cheese sandwich.  After lunch we made butter with thick cream.  Left in the bowl was the butter milk.