Kinetic Theatre Production 24th Jan. 2013

The Light Fantastic

This was an entertaining musical play on the scientific theme of light, shadows and colour. In it, the main character, Roy G B.I.V. (big in ‘Vegas) is trying to find out who has stolen all the colours from planet Earth. We understand from the beginning of the play, that one of the characters is really an alien from another planet and throughout, we look for clues to discover who this could be.
Coincidentally, the main character’s initials stand for the colours of the rainbow:








The musical style of the play was “Country and Western” and the cast were very talented.
Finally, it was revealed that “Dolly” was the alien, although we had already guessed that, and the colours of Earth were, happily, returned.
This was an informative and thought provoking production which was very much enjoyed by the Upper and Lower schools and staff as well. We all agreed that we had learnt a lot about how we see colour and the importance of the Sun as a light source. We would like to thank the Kinetic Theatre and cast members for such an enjoyable experience.