The Outside Environment

For very good reasons, ‘scooters’ are not allowed on the school premises. We have a lovely pushchair friendly slope leading down the side of the school and several children/siblings are using it as a scooter run, both in the morning and at pick up. This is extremely dangerous and has already led to young children and parents being crashed into. They are also ‘scooting’ at the front of the school where there are parked cars which is hazardous to both themselves and the cars.

Front of School
It is essential that children stay with parents after they have been picked up from school, both at the normal end of the school day and after clubs. They are not allowed to climb on walls, run around the cars or balance on the edging around the grassed area.

It is obvious that by not abiding by these important rules, children can put themselves in danger and be hazardous to others.

Thank you for your support!