Year 2 Trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor 2013

Recently Year 2 students at Lyonsdown prep school went on a trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor. Here is some of their feedback.

We learned how Hindus say hello. They do this by putting their hands together as if in prayer and bowing their head slightly. This way of greeting shows that you have respect for the person you are speaking to.

I enjoyed the bull cart ride. It was very muddy and all of 2P fitted into the cart.

We had to take our shoes off before we went into the temple. When we were all in our saris we went to the prayer hall and we saw the Hindu statues of Krishna and Rama. At the temple we had paneer curry, which is Indian cheese and puri which is Indian bread. All the food was vegetarian and very yummy!

I dressed up as Brahma and Daniel and Arun dressed up as Rama and Shivea.

Year 2 went to a Hindu temple. We went on a bull cart ride. It was very bumpy and muddy. Next we saw a cow and her calf. We also dressed up as warriors and Indian princesses. Then we ate delicious food. We ate rice and vegetable curry.

Year 2 went to Bhaktivedanta Manor which is a Hindu temple. We went to see all the Gods and Goddess and my favourite was Sita. After that we had lunch. Then we had a story about Krishna who lifted up a hill with his little finger. It was an exciting trip.