My Memories of Fairthorne Manor by Honor Hewitt

Lyonsdown Prep School student, Honor Hewitt writes about their memories of Fairthorne Manor:

At Fairthorne Manor I had so much fun doing all the activities. Some of them were wet and muddy and all of them were extremely good. My favourite activity was Team Challenge; it was the best because it was the wettest and the dirtiest. The Team Challenge is when your group has to work together to help everyone in your team across the course. Our forfeit was to stay in the biggest and muddiest bit of water for 30 seconds. That was one of the best bits of the course. We then went to our rooms to change because our clothes were soaking wet.

After some more fun activities, we had 10 minutes to get back to our rooms and get ready for bed. When we were all in bed we heard lots of noises from other rooms. From one room there was giggling and from another there was whispering so the teachers kept coming to say go to bed. Next morning the teachers came round checking to see if we were all awake and we got ready for another fun packed day.