Lyonsdown School Homework

The Purpose of Homework
Homework is set by teachers for many valuable reasons. It could be to:
Revise skills, knowledge or values covered in previous learning, practise and reinforce the learning objectives from that day’s lesson.
Extend learning and deepen understanding further.
Homework tasks may not necessarily involve a writing or focused reading activity. On the contrary, learning by carrying out research or reading and investigating using the library, internet or asking others at home, is an important way for children to develop and expand their awareness of the wider world around them.
Homework is always set by teachers with a precise and meaningful purpose. It is vital therefore, that it is completed promptly and carefully, and returned to school on the due date so that it can be marked and the results given back to your child as soon as possible.
If your son or daughter is unable to complete their homework i.e. through illness, or tiredness, please could you send in a short note of explanation. If appropriate, your child will then be asked to complete their assignment at a later date.

Late Homework Slips for Years 3 to 6
To help support children in the development of good homework habits, we have a system of late or incomplete homework slips known as “yellow cards”.
These are issued to children who have: either failed to bring in their homework by the due date, or the homework has been returned to school incomplete in some way e.g. in some aspect of quantity or quality.

How it Works
The pupil will take the yellow card home (detailing the area of concern) for a parent to sign, and for the child to complete the task by another due date.
However, if your child has had difficulty completing the original homework set, please send in a brief note of explanation, and a yellow card will not be issued.

Homework Dairies
Please continue to check you child’s homework/reading diary each evening and sign the page where appropriate. We find these books to be an invaluable tool in the ongoing partnership between home and school.

Thank you
Mrs Windsor – Deputy Head Teacher