Year 4’s Trip to The British Museum

Year Four went to the British Museum in October to learn about every day life in Ancient Greece. It was such a fun and interesting day – we did and learnt so much. When we got back to school we wrote a recount of our day. Here are some extracts of the highlights…

…An hour later we were at the British Museum! The ceiling was beautiful. It was all white, just like snow. Mrs Murphie, Mrs Windsor and Mrs Woolf also found it amazing. Priya Duggal

Our teacher for the day came in. She was called Julia. (She was very nice!) Julia took us to her class room. It had blue carpet and white walls. There were some tables too, and it had lots of models of Ancient Greek things. Esha Mistry

My favourite bit was when each group made a frieze picture showing how the Greeks used the objects. Here is a photograph of me, Ruby and Kitty pretending to be Olympic athletes. I am a long jumper; Ruby is posing whilst scraping off some oil and Kitty is throwing the discus. Madison Hite

Julia showed us a pot. We all had a good go at guessing what the picture on it showed. It turns out that the soldier was leaving to go to war. His father was shaking his hand to say goodbye and his mother was carrying a bowl of olives and some wine in a jug. The olives and the wine were to make an offering to the gods. Finally the skinny dog was saying goodbye to his master… (We got the answers from the archaeologists!) Kitty Liss

Lyonsdown Private School Visit the British Museum
When I visited the British Museum I felt happy because we made a frieze picture. Tia Parmar

…A few minutes later we went to the Parthenon rooms to look at lots of different things. I did not know that it was lunch time because I was enjoying myself so much! We had a sandwich, some cucumber and a yummy chocolate brick wall! Mia Cowie

We went to the Parthenon room which was also another interesting thing. We learnt something about this famous temple to the Goddess Athena. In my opinion, Athena sounds like Athens, the capital of Greece. Ariya Shah

I felt it was a great school trip. My favourite part was when we went round with our clip boards and had lunch. I enjoyed the clip board task because it was a mystery and we didn’t know where to go. Lunch was my favourite bit as well because I love my food! Jessica Ballard