Year 4 Visit a Synagogue

In RE Year 4 have been finding out about the special places people go to pray. This term we visited the local synagogue. Pupils listened to a talk about the Jewish faith, drew sketches, made notes and took photographs. Many thanks to Mrs Seager for arranging the visit, to Barry our guide and to Mrs Ward and Mrs Murphie for accompanying us.

Prep School in London Synagogue

Mrs Brighton
Here are some comments about our visit:-
‘I liked looking at the Torah. It was interesting to learn how it was too precious to be touched by hand.’ Leona
I liked the fact that the building was really simple, but inside it was decorated with stained glass windows.’ Caitlin
‘I liked the stained-glass windows, the Torah and the yad which is a special pointing stick so you can follow the words in the Torah when you read, without touching the page.’ Talia
‘I liked how the stained glass windows represented stories from the Jewish religion.’ Aleena
‘I enjoyed drawing the pictures of the stained-glass windows because I like drawing!’ Rosa
‘I was interested to hear Barry, our guide read from the Torah. The words sounded really long and complicated’.
‘I liked drawing the pictures of the Torah.’ Shreya
‘I was interested to learn that the Torah is written by hand on animal skin. If there is a mistake in the writing the person who wrote it has to do it all over again!’ Avni
‘I learned all about the Everlasting Light. It never goes out. The scrolls are kept in the Ark.’ Anika
‘I really enjoyed our visit. It is interesting to know how Jewish people pray.’ Aanya