Year 6 Enjoy the Isle of Wight

The year 6 students at Lyonsdown Prep School in North London recently went on holiday to the Isle of Wight. We asked them what they thought and they gave us some fantastic diary entries of what they got up to and how fun it was. Here are some of our favourites:

“Carisbrooke Castle was great. I loved the fascinating ruins that have remained since the time of King Charles 1. I learnt loads of history and had much fun acting out the end of the war between the French and the British at the Isle of Wight. We spent a historical, enjoyable afternoon at the castle, exploring the life that the rich and poor from the past had. I certainly had a fab time there!”


“There were so many exotic plants and flowers at Ventnor Botanic Gardens. We saw a flower that only lived for one day so were lucky to see it.”


“Dear Diary,
We are now on the coach to Ventnor Botanic Garden!!! I’m so excited because I have no idea what sorts of plants we are going to see! I’m really excited as well because my sister said that the history of the garden is really good. “YAWN”, sorry about that, I’m really tired. I’m going to doze off on Olivia’s lap… AGAIN! Bye.”


“Today is the sand castle contest. Nectaria, Chantelle and I all ran to be in a group together. We thought hard about how we could use the materials that the beach had to offer. Then out of the blue came Shelly the mermaid!”


“The Needles Pleasure Park was great !!!! We got into groups of four (I was with Abby, Emily and Olivia). We could go around by ourselves !! It was really fun. We went on the swing boats (It was really scary). We went in the hamster bubble (on water!!) And we also got to buy sweets and buy things in the shops. Needles had to be the best thing so far, I definitely want to go again.”


“When I woke up and got onto the coach on Tuesday, I knew it was going to be the best trip EVER!!!!!!!!!!”


“Dear Diary, Wednesday 30th May 2012
Today was AMAZING!
We all woke up bright and early, ready for an exciting new day. We got ready,
had a delicious breakfast and went on the coach. The coach ride was fun and we arrived at our first stop, The Ventnor Botanic gardens. It was a beautiful garden with many exotic plants and pretty flowers, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!”


“Shanklin Chine was a beautiful gorge that had nature coming out of every pore.”


“At the beach we splashed around in the water and got soaking wet. We made sand castles and Dhriya, Zara and I were in a team and our sand castle turned out to be terrible! We also did some leapfrogs and it was quite hard, but we managed to do it.”


“In The Isle of Wight,
we learned so much,
played such games,
had such fun.
we all knew that this wouldn’t be the end, because we had all made such,
True Lyonsdown friends.”


“The Needles Theme Park was great. I went in a group with Jessie and Nectaria. We went on a hamster ball in the water. It was really difficult to stand up again, so I just had to roll around in the ball! Then I went on the spin boats with Dhriya where we almost went 360 degrees! The tea pots were a bit boring, but it was ok, and I had pretend races with my friends.”


“I loved Dinosaur Isle! We scoured the beach in search of fossils like dinosaur poo, fossilized wood, foot casts, false gold and bones. It was fabulous!!!”


“The day has finally come! I’m so excited. I woke up really early, rushed downstairs had my breakfast, ran back upstairs and got dressed. Then I was extremely tired. I was really excited to go but then again I thought that I would really miss my family… I’m going to tell you a little song that Jessie made up:

The Isle of Wight is fine on the line and we love it all the time and we come to the beach and we leave a little damp.”


“On Thursday 31st May we went to the Needles Pleasure Park. First we split into groups and I was with Abby, Emily and Neha. We went on the spin cycle ride which was swinging motorbikes and it was really fun. Unfortunately, Emily wasn’t tall enough to go on it but she very kindly let us! Abby and I were in a motorbike together and we went upside-down. I wanted to go all the way round but Abby was too scared, so we didn’t. When we came off, she wished we had gone all the way over! We then went on the hamster bubble, (which were plastic balls on water). Neha feels claustrophobic in them so she didn’t go, but let us do it. We then went on the spinning teacups and then we didn’t have any money left!
I had a great time at Needles with all my friends and I will definitely visit there again!!!”