Year 3’s Trip to Epping Forest

Recently year 3 students at Lyonsdown Prep School went on a fun, action packed adventure to Epping Forest. Here is what students Madison and Alexia had to say about the trip:

This term we visited Epping Forest and had a super day. Firstly we went into the forest and played some sensory games. Luckily we were wearing our wellington boots because the ground was very muddy. With a partner we had to make a forest smoothie, this was definitely not one of your 5- a- day. We needed to collect all the smelliest things we could find on the forest floor and put them into a mug. Then we ground the contents to release the smell.

The best part of all was in the afternoon. We were divided into tribes, each with a leader. Then working together as a team we collected logs to lean against a tree and build a shelter. We were all very proud of our team efforts.

Thankyou to Mrs Walters, Mrs McBarek and Mrs Dee who came with us. We had the best day ever.
Madison and Alexia Yr3