Pre-Reception Olympic Music & Movement

The Pre-Reception at London Prep School, Lyonsdown marched, skipped, galloped and jumped their way through the morning last Friday as part of their Olympic Music and Movement Extravaganza.
Thankfully we had decided on an indoor activity to celebrate the Olympics and to showcase what takes place in our music and movement sessions as part of the Foundation Stage curriculum.

The children were brilliant, smiled all the way through and enjoyed every minute of it and hopefully so did the parents, especially when we invited them to join in! “Did they have the stamina to keep up with the 3 and 4 year olds (and the Pre-Reception staff)?” Yes they certainly did…….well done mums and dads, Grandmas and a Granddads, very impressive!

We then repeated some of our exercises on Monday morning for the whole school assembly. Our hearts were in our mouths wondering if the children could perform so brilliantly again. They certainly did. Actions proved to be infectious as the whole school joined in with clapping, tapping, flicking and stamping.
A truly successful Olympic Extravaganza. Well done Pre-Reception! A huge thank you to Ms Michael and Mrs Langley for putting the children through their paces.

Mrs Badger