Merits - Spring 2022

Our merit awards are given out fortnightly, and the names of the recipients are placed in the tables below.  In Reception to Year 2, pupils are awarded merits for many aspects of early childhood development, i.e.: in their academic learning across the curriculum (rather than in specific subjects at this age), their approach to learning i.e. for endeavour, perseverance, initiative, and also for personal qualities such as demonstrating kindness and consideration to others or helpfulness to the teacher, and for the youngest pupils, for a practical skill such as being able to do a coat up or tie shoe laces (if this had previously proved challenging for the pupil).

In Years 3 – 6, the Autumn term sees merits awarded for English, Maths and Science, and in the Spring term for Computing, History and Geography, and finally in the Summer term, merits are given in P.E., art/DT and music. Girls in Years 3-6 are awarded subject based merits for attitude and approach to learning as well as for achievement. So qualities such as independence, initiative, engagement, application,  working collaboratively, listening to and sharing ideas with peers and demonstrating progress in a subject, may well earn a merit.  

All pupils keep their merit badge for two weeks and then it is returned for the next cycle of merits to be awarded.

Reception to Year 2

21st January 2022
Reception  Year 1 Year 2
Tara Eesha Francesca
Livinia Rayna Cassie

Year 3 -6

21st January 2022
Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Computing Nikki Harriet Amelia Naina
Geography Ameline Elsie Tiya Anaya
History Aliya Emilia Shriya Hannah