Welcome from the Head

To read all about our new Head, Mrs Helen Stanton-Tonner, who joins Lyonsdown this September, click here, or to watch her video on our Virtual Admissions page, please click here.

I believe that school should be an exceptional place for all children to learn, both inside and beyond the classroom, to develop all aspects of their character, and most importantly, to be happy and thrive.

At Lyonsdown School, we endeavour to nurture potential and ability, and recognise that success comes in many forms.

What matters most is that children enjoy learning. We are equally thrilled by the hard worker who does their very best as we are by those pupils who achieve senior school scholarships. It is not just results that matter, but how each pupil arrives at those results.

There are a wide range of lessons to learn and at Lyonsdown we want your child to have as broad a range of experience as possible. Studying insects through a microscope, learning lines for a play, mastering French verbs, taking up an instrument or representing the school on the sports pitch: every day at Lyonsdown is an opportunity.

Lyonsdown has a long history of developing children of character. I want our pupils to be thoughtful and kind, capable of engaging in interesting conversations and to be courteous at all times.

We are a nurturing community that celebrates our pupils’ varied and wonderful efforts, giving them the all-important encouragement they need to grow. We aim to ensure that every child has a sense of pride about their achievements, so when they leave Lyonsdown, they will have the confidence to reach whatever goals they set themselves. It has always been my strong belief that if our pupils are happy, the rest should fall into place.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know anything about Lyonsdown. If you have not already come to visit us, there is no better way to get to know the school than speaking to the boys and girls, staff and myself: a warm welcome awaits you.

Christopher Hammond


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