From the Headmaster's Desk

Love is in the air, all you need is love, we found love… a very un-scientific Valentine’s Day survey of the last sixty or so years of popular culture would suggest that matters of the heart are the most popular theme when it comes to writing a hit single*. Film and theatre are equally taken by love: I was lucky enough to see the new stage production of The Prince of Egypt recently, a story of one man’s love for his people and their faith, and even more fortunate to experience Reception’s impressive Valentine’s Day assembly on Friday.

I have written recently about the power of love (I didn’t even have to shoehorn that one in) and its importance in healing conflict. Love comes in many forms: love for one’s children, partner, family or friends. All different, all important in different ways. The kindness and passion one feels for others is what makes us human – the School’s charitable giving last week is a superb example. The children were raising money for a great cause, even though they may never receive a direct thanks. Selfless love is king: giving one’s best without a thought as to the possibility of praise or reward.

Children and adults, pupils and teachers should love what they are doing. Of course, not every minute of the school day will ignite the same passion in every single child, but the general trend of any day should be enjoyment, even if they do get the odd thing wrong (don’t we all?) With Science and History trips taking place this week to add to the variety of the school week, we hope there was something for everyone.

Enjoy half term; a chance to rest and recuperate and spend time with those whom we love. It is half time in the 2019/2020 season and we all need to have the energy to love the second act as much as the first.

Mr Hammond

* I have checked – singles do exist and some children even know what they are… “is that like streaming?” Close enough.