International Day

Lyonsdown School International Day!


At the end of March, Lyonsdown celebrated the cultural heritage of our pupils with a week of lessons on British and international themes in literature, geography, history and science. The week culminated in a mufti day, where pupils and teachers came to school dressed in a national costume; as a well-known international figure or in the colours of a particular country’s flag.

On the Friday afternoon, we all gathered in the hall to share and celebrate aspects of culture from around the world; and as an added treat; Mrs Murphie regaled us with the re-telling of an Irish folk tale.

And as you can see by these photos, it was certainly a colourful week!

Int dayInt Day 1


ISA National Art Competition

art 2

ISA National Art Competition 




I was very proud to take seven pieces to be displayed at the Independent Association National Art Competition which was held during the Associations Autumns Study Conference in November.  The winners of each category in the national regional competition gain automatic entry.

The standard of work from age groups ranging from early years to 6th form was excellent and viewed by leadership teams from ISA schools throughout the country.  I was delighted that Anna from Year 2 was highly commended for her photograph of a vegetable person.  Year 6, 2013/14 came 2nd with their textile felted piece.   First places were awarded to Mia in Year 6 for the painting of a pair of shoes and to the Lower School Art Club for the Autumnal fruits composition.

Well done to all of you!

Reported by Mrs Cowie, Art Coordinator

art 4                                 art 3           art 1

Lyonsdown School Spinning Workshop

Spinning 1


    Spinning Workshop      




In January, children from the Reception classes and Years 4,5, and 6 enjoyed a visit to Lyonsdown School by spinning expert, Anne Martin (Grandmother of Katerina in RG) who works at Quarry Bank Mill which featured in the television series ‘The Mill’.  Anne gave a wonderful talk to each year group explaining what life would have been like for children working at the Mill 300 years ago.  She also demonstrated how fleece is spun into yarn.  Pupils learnt about different breeds of sheep as well as how to shear a sheep and everyone experienced carding fleece before using the spinning wheel to produce beautifully spun wool, ready for knitting or weaving .  Anne also bought in various types of spindles from around the world which the children found fascinating.  We very much look forward to welcoming Anne back to Lyonsdown in the near future as the pupils found her workshop fun, inspiring and interesting.

spinning 2 spinning 3



Year 6 visit to The Houses of Parliament

 Year 6 visit to The Houses of Parliament 



On Thursday 5th March, Year 6, together with Mrs Maggs-Wellings, Mrs Windsor, Mrs Brighton and Mrs Young, went on a very special visit to the Houses of Parliament.

Here is a report of the day:

Reported by Eloise & Dhvani – Year 6

The coach pulled up outside Parliament’s Portcullis House. We got out, went through security and were given tags. We then stepped into “The World of Politics”.

Portcullis House is modern, with trees and fountains and lots of light. It is where the MPs and other government workers have their offices.

Then we went down the escalators into the Victorian building of the Palace of Westminster. Did you know that there are over 1000 rooms and two miles of corridors in the building? Statues of the lion and the unicorn flanked the entrance and it smelt of history and old books.

We walked up the narrow staircase to the public gallery and there below, we could see the floor of the House of Commons! The speaker – John Bercow was sitting in The Speaker’s chair. We had to be extremely quiet. It was so interesting listening and watching the MPs debate. We saw the royal mace too. This object represents Her Majesty’s presence in the chamber.

Next, we were taken to the Central Lobby. We found ourselves standing under an ornately decorated mosaic and richly painted ceiling. On all four sides of the Lobby were mosaics of each of the four saints of the United Kingdom.

We were then taken to Westminster Hall – the oldest (and coldest!) part of the Palace of Westminster. The magnificent hammer-bean roof is the largest medieval timber roof in Europe. It was in this great hall that Guy Fawkes and Charles I were tried for treason – and we all know what happened to them!

After visiting Parliament, we even had time to sketch and have lunch by the River Thames – with the pigeons too! We then paid a visit to St Margaret’s church, (next to Westminster Abbey).

Overall – a perfect day!



“Brush up your Shakespeare”

“Brush up your Shakespeare”


Reported by Tallulah, Katie, Eloise, Madison, Maddie, Cate-Mae, Ruby Serena, Dhvani, Tia and Mia of Year 6.

 Brush up shakespeare

The Young Shakespeare Company came to Lyonsdown on 16th January 2015 to perform ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’  The four actors played a wide variety of parts, Including Bottom, Oberon, Titania and Puck.  We particularly enjoyed the audience participation as several pupils were lucky enough to be chosen to perform with the actors.

The four players were accompanied by a narrator, who explained what was happening in the various scenes, so that we could really understand and enjoy the play.  She also gave us directions as to when to join in,   including howling; making the sound of the power of magic and words to say.

There were many comical moments, including the ending, when a man dressed as a lady during the mechanical’s scene where they present their play: “The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thesbe.” Most of the audience were in fits of laughter at this point, with many – including some of the teachers, crying with laughter.

Another funny part was when the four lovers: Helena, Hermia, Demetrious and Lysander became confused about who they loved, due to Puck’s mischievous antics. What a midsummer muddle!

We all felt inspired by what we had seen and particularly looked forward to our visit to the Globe Theatre later in the term.

P.S.: If you’re not familiar with MSND – you really should go and see it – it’s such a treat!

Lyonsdown Lower School Spring Concert

 Lyonsdown Lower School Spring Concert

Spring concertShortly after the first day of spring, it was time for the annual Lyonsdown Lower School celebration. The theme of the concert was nursery rhymes, but not as you would recognise them. We had a bandaged Humpty Dumpty, a rap version of Jack and Jill and not forgetting, a version of Mary had a Little Lamb, in which the lamb was nowhere to be seen.

It took place in a courtroom with the notorious Judge Hicks and a jury full of nursery rhyme characters. Through song and dance, the story unravelled and it was discovered that it was Jack Horner who was responsible for Humpty Dumpty’s fall—but it was an accident!

The children worked so hard to make it a fun and memorable performance and I’m sure we can all agree that they did a fantastic job. We hope that you had as much fun watching it as we did producing it!

Mosaic News


              Mosaic News


The eye catching ‘Values of Lyonsdown’ mosaic which was created by all the pupils here at Lyonsdown last term along with mosaic artist Jane Visick has now been installed in the front garden.  It looks wonderful in the spring sunshine.

Well done everyone for creating such a beautiful outside piece of  work for people to enjoy for many years to come!




Lyonsdown School WALK TO SCHOOL Week – 18-22nd May 2015

WOW 1          WOW2


Each year, primary school pupils from across the UK join forces with children in more than 40 countries worldwide to celebrate the benefits of walking to school.   There are lots of benefits of walking for children, here are just a few:

1. Health and happiness

Regular walking helps to keep young minds healthy and alert ready for their arrival at school.

2. Healthy body

Daily exercise has numerous physical health benefits including helping to reduce the risk of childhood obesity and medial conditions in later life such as cancer and heart disease.

3. Healthy habits

Getting into the habit of an energetic walk at the start of the day will also encourage healthy eating habits such as having a nutritious breakfast every morning.

4. Healthy friends and family

The walk to school is the perfect opportunity for some quality family time or a good chat with friends helping to develop strong, happy relationships.

5. Healthy environment

And don’t forget that walking rather than taking motorised transport means less pollution and cleaner air  –      a benefit for everyone!

More details of this event will be circulated to you at the beginning of May.


Fundraising at Lyonsdown School

Lyonsdown school, charity, Christmas Shoebox

Fundraising at Lyonsdown School

At Lyonsdown School, developing in our pupils an awareness of, and empathy for, those who are less fortunate, is an important aim for us. And each year our Lyonsdown families never fail to give generosity to all our charitable causes.  Since September, we have raised money for:

Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2014: Giving to Rwanda

We were pleased to participate in the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Appeal once again.  Children filled medium sized shoeboxes with a variety of gifts which were then sent on to underprivileged children in Rwanda.  Charity monitors kept track of the box preparation and helped load the van with our Christmas shoeboxes.

The result of all this generosity was that 135 Christmas boxes were sent from Lyonsdown School to Africa. Thank you to all who helped to make the Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2014 such a success, and particularly to those families who sent in several boxes.

Jeans for Genes Day: Giving to Genetic Disorders UK

Jeans for Genes Day took place on September 19th 2014. This annual event raises money for children who are born with genetic disorders – a figure of 1 in 25 in the UK each year.  Children with these disorders, (caused by a variation in their DNA), are supported through this campaign by funding for care and support.  Both children and staff at school were given the opportunity to participate, by wearing their jeans to school and making a donation to a worthy cause.

Harvest Festival Assembly

On October 9th, we held our annual Harvest Festival Assembly.  A mixture of songs about harvest and autumn were interposed with poetry, mine and storytelling, including a mini play about Demeter, the ancient Greek Goddess of the Harvest, and her daughter Persephone – which was performed by Year 4. Our families donated food, which was received at the hall doors by Year 6 pupils and then laid out on tables for pupils to see. After our assembly, the gifts were collected by St. John’s Church, who in turn took them to Barnet Food Bank.

Children in Need Fundraising Day

Instilling the belief that raising money for charity can be fun, Pre-Reception had an especially enjoyable afternoon contributing to Children in Need.  How did we accomplish this? Well, everyone came to school in their pyjamas! Many children also brought in their favourite teddy or toy too. Rain was heavy, but soon forgotten as the children arrived to see 3 Pudsey Bears in their classroom – I wonder who they were!  The fun commenced and everyone enjoyed our afternoon of giving.  We raised £55 to donate to Children in Need.  Pairing the concept of giving with enjoyment and a little adventure was all part of the plan and we are happy to report that this goal was accomplished.  Thank you to all who gave.

“It’s an Algorithm!”

algorithms, lyonsdown school

Coding is becoming an increasingly important part of our technologically based culture, and at Lyonsdown, during computing lessons pupils create games and apps. Pupils from Years 3 to 6 have been involved in creating an animation set to the tune of Pharrell William’s song Happy. The animation, called Algorithms make you happy, explains what algorithms are in a visually colourful and fun way, using lyrics composed by our pupils alongside our computing teacher Mrs Everett.

In total, over fifty pupils contributed their talents to this project which has so far received over 10,000 global views on YouTube! Our animation was also given 5 out of 5 in a recent TES Connect survey. (TES Connect is an online teaching resource site which shares curriculum resources and teaching strategies amongst teachers and other education professionals). The animation also won second prize in an ISA Art Competition.

Please have a look and listen. We love it and we hope that you will too!

algorithms, lyonsdown, happy

Pharrell Williams – Happy- The Algorithms Make You Happy Version (Click here to view)

Lyonsdown Lyrics: Algorithms Make You Happy

Let me tell you what we’re going to make,
Write instructions how to bake a cake,
Step by step think what you need to do,
Well does it work? Someone must try it too.

It’s an algorithm.
Think what you need to do at the start.
It’s an algorithm.
What comes next? Every piece plays a part.
It’s an algorithm.
Test it out. Does it do what you planned?
It’s an algorithm.
If there’s a problem, fix it, understand!

Now let’s work out how to add a sum.
Where to start? That is step number one.
Then decide what is step 2 and more.
Work it out to make the answer yours.


Algorithms, we can make them.
Algorithms, then we test them.
Algorithms, fix and change them.
Tell you about them.

Plan a route to make it through a maze.
Different people may find different ways.
As a group, work out the steps to take.
Try your plan and test there’s no mistake.


Lyonsdown School, algorithms


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